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Providing the highest quality eye care for you and your family.

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Dr. Bilyk has been in practice for 38 years and a part of the Optical Unique family since 2010. She provides the personal care and expertise that you and your family deserve.

Optometrist Dr. Bilyk 45 West Lancaster Ave Ardmore PA 1900320230211_151806.jpg


Our onsite doctor will take care of you and your family's eye service needs including...

Eye exams

Eye glass prescription

Contact lens prescription

Eye health assessments

Adult & child services

Eye Exam
Perscription Glasses


Not only does our doctor provide you with eye examination services onsite, we also provide you with your new eye glasses and contact lenses making us a one stop shop for your convenience. With top notch service, convenience, and professionalism. we are able to cut your eye glass lenses right onsite, inside our

in-store lab, and place them in the new frames you choose with the help of our optician. You can also conveniently place your contact lens order with us for yourself and your family.  

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